May 16, 2013

Walking as exercise

Walking is boring. In fact, it's deadly boring, at least out here in the sticks. I mean, what is there to look at? People's McMansions? Plants? The occasional bird? Meh.

I grew up in Manhattan, where walking was fun. There were always zillions of people to look at, new stores cropping up, and the occasional street event to stare at. I used to walk many miles on a daily basis in the city, like every other Manhattanite. It's what you do in the city: you walk. (Ever notice that city dwellers aren't as fat as suburbanites? This is why.)

But out here in the woods, walking is mere walking. There are no frills. Oy. Anyway, of late I've dragged my sister into my routine -- and that simple move fixed everything. Now, we talk as we walk. And as a result, we don't notice anything out there. Hooray!

I started walking because I didn't want to reach the PZ point, where my heart collapsed from lack of exercise (due to sitting at a computer all day, natch). Now that I've been walking for a couple of months, I must say I feel better. It's kind of weird. For instance, at night when I watch baseball games on TV, I enjoy standing in front of the TV. It just feels wrong to sit in a chair.

It's even weirder than that. My sister and I find ourselves wanting to take a second walk in the evening. So far, we haven't acted on this impulse. But at some point I think we will. Exercise begets more exercise.

Still, it ain't half the fun it is in Manhattan. Guess I'll always be a city boy at heart. Do you walk for exercise? Does it bore you? Do tell.

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