May 28, 2013

Catholic church blathers about "morality"

They just can't shut up, these Catholic leaders. Let's analyze this for a bit.

In Ohio, a Catholic school (actually, two schools) fired an unmarried female teacher when she became pregnant. So now the woman is suing the diocese in federal court because that's against the law. You cannot fire a woman because she becomes pregnant.

So of course the church, having done something immoral, uses this "opportunity" to expound about morality.
The archdiocese says she was fired because artificial insemination is immoral and violates church doctrine and a contract requiring all employees to "comply with and act consistently in accordance with the stated philosophy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church." 
Umm, do priests have to sign such a document, or do they have such a promise in their vows? After all, it's widely known that the church doesn't immediately fire a male who rapes a child. In fact, they hardly ever fire such a priest, even after he rapes scads of other kids. That's a minor thing, apparently. But when a woman -- a single filthy woman -- gets pregnant, that's the signal to haul out the heavy artillery. This illustrates the church's priorities nicely.

This is a disgusting church. They still talk about morality, even though they violate all normal senses of the concept -- regularly, often and apparently, in perpetuity. Males don't do wrong; females do. This is a Catholic concept, illustrated through the church's words and actions.

I hope they get shafted by the courts. The woman (Christa Dias) "taught computer technology and had no ministerial duties." There's absolutely no reason why the church should meddle in her private life. That the church did so is immoral.

Try telling that to these bozos. Morality, indeed. They know nothing of the concept. How can anyone be Catholic?

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