May 13, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson: neurosurgeon and twit

Seriously, this guy is as dumb as a stump. He's a neurosurgeon and a Seventh Day Adventist and a young-Earth creationist. The full "Duh". Today, Jerry Coyne blogs about the fact that Carson was asked to give a commencement address at a Texas university, where many attendees walked out. Good for them.

I'd like to reprint a few of Carson's answers to questions, so we can laugh at him. For instance, he was asked about the "consequences" of believing in evolution. This is his response:
By believing we are the product of random acts, we eliminate morality and the basis of ethical behavior. For if there is no such thing as moral authority, you can do anything you want. You make everything relative, and there’s no reason for any of our higher values.
I just shake my head when people talk like this. It doesn't make any sense to suggest that if an authoritarian god didn't create us, then we can't know right from wrong. Duh. There's no connection between these two concepts. None at all. And then he throws in this idea of the loss of "higher values". Like going to church? And wasting our lives thinking about a nonexistent sky god? And feeling guilty all the time? And hating gays and women? Big losses, fella. Do go on.

Dr. Carson closed the interview with this:
Can you prove evolution? No. Can you prove creation? No. Can you use the intellect God has given you to decide whether something is logical or illogical? Yes, absolutely. It all comes down to “faith”–and I don’t have enough to believe in evolution. I’m too logical!
Yes, indeed. He's just too darned logical. I can't believe anyone lets this guy operate on their brain. And he's actually invited to give commencement addresses. Jeebus! Ah well, it's Texas. They can't help themselves down there.

As always, hat tip to Jerry. I love that he brings these things to my attention. No one else covers religious lunacy as thoroughly. Gods, my ass!

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writenow said...

I just changed this post to include the fact that Carson is a young earth creationist. That was the whole point of the thing -- and I didn't even mention it.

Never post 10 minutes after you wake up in the morning. That's the moral here.