May 20, 2013

Irritating, braindead governor violates Constitution

This article lays out the story. An atheist was upset when "he discovered nine Gideon bibles in the cabin he had rented with his family at Amicalola Falls State Park in north Georgia. When he complained, park managers removed the Bibles while they sought a legal decision from the Attorney General's Office."

That was the right move: take them out. The bibles represent government sponsorship of a particular brand of religion. (And, surprise, surprise! That brand is Christianity! Who could have guessed?) Unfortunately, Georgia's braindead governor, Nathan Deal, reversed the decision and the Gideon Bibles were returned to the rooms.

Here's the fun part. When Deal did this, he said "any religious group was welcome to donate literature." Indeed. So now an atheist organization -- American Atheists -- has offered books on atheism and insisted they be placed inside the rooms, alongside the bibles. The state response is (ahem) allegedly forthcoming.

Listen, American Atheists is doing exactly the right thing. But those Gideon bibles should not be in Georgia's cabins and lodges. And nothing can make that right.

The only time a bible should be in one of these travel residences is when a dingbat religious person brings his or her own bible into the room. And then, as is the case with dog droppings, the religious person should be responsible for bagging the bible and taking it out of the room when they leave. You can't just leave filth behind for others to find.

Governor Nathan Deal is a caveman and he's violating the constitution. That should be clear to all.

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