May 6, 2013

Look, up in the sky!

The American public has noticed the existence of drones. Although they've been used overseas for years, people just didn't care. In fact, they didn't even think about it. After all, those drone strikes only affected "foreigners", not perfect, god-blessed Americans. Ah, but now the drones are coming home to roost. When something is literally in an American's backyard, he tends to notice it. Especially if it's hovering right outside the bedroom window.

You can almost see the coming drone cascade in the US. Now that anyone can send a drone to watch you shower, the obvious and sensible next step is to purchase a personal defense drone. It will become a standard thing for homeowners. After all, you want a drone to hover over your house and protect it, don't you? Don't you?

And it won't stop there. Soon it will be standard to have a personal safety drone hover over your kids as they walk to school -- so it can shoot anyone who violates their personal space. After all, what could go wrong?

Drones will be everywhere. And much sooner than you think. Dang, what's that outside my window? Martha, where the hell is my gun?!

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