May 24, 2013

Never "make an issue" of your sexuality

I trolled the wingnut sites today to see what they're saying about the Boy Scouts of America changing its rules to allow gay Scouts. It was weird because I kept running into the same argument. I guess Wingnut Central commanded its minions to parrot this idea. Here it is, in all its glory.
Many homosexual Scouts have participated in Boy Scouts programs under the old policy (i.e., no gays allowed), and did so without making an issue of their sexual orientation.
Isn't that sweet? Gays mustn't "make an issue" of their sexuality. I guess that would be in keeping with how straights mask their sexuality at all times, never having public weddings or going out for a walk with their wives. And heaven knows they never admit to having children. They don't even wear wedding bands, lest it tip people off and reveal their sexual orientation. It's all kept mum; no tell, no harm. 

Right. Straights proclaim their sexuality loudly, often from the rooftops, using a megaphone. They can't stop telling you that they're straight. It's like an addiction. In fact, their arguments against gays in scouting are yet another announcement of their sexuality. It's all one big, brassy announcement that they're straight -- and aren't they marvelous for having chosen such a special, god-approved sexual orientation? It just makes you want to rush over and hug them.

But dog forbid a Scout lets anyone know that he's gay. That would be a sin -- and it would make the baby Jesus cry.

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