May 3, 2013

A sequel to Xmas Carol?

Xmas Carol readers are clamoring for more. The feeling (at least, among readers who've spoken or written to me) is that a sequel is not only a good idea, but necessary. They're jonesing for more. Hmmm.

I wasn't planning to write a second book. However, I did write a note or two about how the story could continue if I chose to write a sequel. But this was an intellectual exercise rather than a plan. I really didn't think I'd do it.

But suddenly the story is calling to me. I think it wants to be written. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see a second book that continues the tale -- or something entirely new.

I just might write that second book if readers cheer me on.

Note: This post was originally written for my Xmas Carol blog at Amazon. (Blog link on the right side of the author's page. Here's a direct link to the blog.)


cm said...

I'd read it.

writenow said...

Y'all keep leaving spoilers in your comments. Sorry, but I'm not letting those through.