May 30, 2013

Baseball in an alternate universe

Everyone knows we slipped into an alternate universe years ago so Obama could be elected. (I said this before Colbert, by the way.) Well, it's happened again.

The Mets beat the Yankees in the first three games of the "subway series". This is impossible, yet it occurred. This means we've slipped into yet another universe. There are so many; it's hard to keep track.

Please keep your eye out for anomalous happenings. For instance, if gravity disappears and you float up into the air -- that would be confirmation that things don't work the same in this new universe. If you see this or any other strange thing, please report back here.

I'll tell the demons and we'll see if they can fix it. Okay, as you were. But remain vigilant!

PS: The news is so stupid and ugly today, this is about the only post I can muster. Let's hope for better tomorrow.


Artichoke Annie said...

A plus about this trip no news.... did the Cubs win the World Series????? I will be in Singapore in the morning when I wake up. Then just a few days and I will be back in the USA.

writenow said...

Why do good things have to end? I wish your cruise could go on forever.

And hey, hypothesis confirmed. The Mets won the 4th game last night, sweeping the damn Yankees. I love this new universe!