June 23, 2012

You just don't know what to say

The Vatican has brought in the Fox News correspondent in Rome to help improve its communications strategy as it tries to cope with one of its most serious scandals in decades, The Associated Press learned Saturday.
Is that perfect, or what? The AP article ends with something that seems to be a slap in the Vatican's face:
The Vatican has been bedeviled by communications blunders ever since Pope Benedict XVI's 2005 election, and is currently dealing with a scandal over leaked documents. 
They have to be making fun of him, right? This comes right after a Vatican spokesman said all their problems were the work of the devil. Gotta be a jibe. Gotta.


Bret Alan said...

The pope's response: "I'll be damned..."

writenow said...

That's funny. Hey, Bret. As a 63-year-old guy with hair down to his waist, I didn't feel I should comment about your shower drain problem the other day. I appreciate the participation, though.