June 26, 2012

VIQ (Very Important Question)

A baseball player's "batter introductory music", in the clunky language of baseball, is his theme song. Each baseball player picks a song as his own, and it's played every time he comes up to bat.

Some of the song choices but great and some are weird -- like Chase Utley's song, Kashmir. I find it strange every time I hear that song as he walks to the batter's box. It's so self-important -- or at least, that's how it strikes me. (Then again, maybe sounding self-important is what it's all about.)

So here's the question: If you were a major league baseball player, what would your theme song be?

(Just to refresh your memory, here's Utley's song, Kashmir. Is it a bit weird? Or is that just me?)


cm said...

Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones. I know it's used a lot at games- I hear it at least 5 times at every Met game- but I would love to hear Joey Ramone shouting " Ay, oh, let's go" when I step into the box.

writenow said...

I can't think of one. My mind keeps saying "A Day in the Life". I think I'd like the initial bass tones of the piano. Not sure, though. It's my favorite song, in any case.