June 17, 2012

More Roman Catholic hypocrisy

Nuns can tell right from wrong,
unlike the bishops.
This morning, I came across a story in HuffPo's religious section about the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It vividly illustrates how anti-Obama and pro-GOP the USCCB is. Though the article focuses mostly on the bishops' poor compliance with new sex abuse procedures (i.e., they're doing absolutely nothing and continuing to protect the pedophile priests), it veers off at the end to talk about other matters.

Apparently there is a possibility that they'll issue a church proclamation about the economy -- something along the lines of "greed is not good". Unfortunately, such a statement would be seen as anti-GOP (because it is). And though the bishops are happy to knock Obama and his policies daily during this pre-election period -- they're terrified of doing anything that could be seen as opposing the Republicans. That would be "political". Sweet, huh?
A number of bishops -- reflecting the increasingly conservative slant of the USCCB -- raised concerns that such a document could be seen as implicitly criticizing Republican budget policies and could be seen as too political.
In the end, the bishops voted 171-26 to draft a message, tentatively titled "Catholic Reflections on Work, Poverty and a Broken Economy," and scheduled for debate and release a week after the November elections.
Anything that hurts Obama in the pre-election period is fine. But tread on the GOP? No way! These bishops are the most hypocritical creatures imaginable. To the church's final arbiters of morality, the words "truth" and "ethics" are without meaning. What craven creatures the lot of them are.

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