June 16, 2012

Johnny Cash video

This was apparently made just before he died. I'd never seen it before. Was Cash a Christian? I ask because of the imagery in the video. I'm afraid I don't know much about him. In any case, give this a listen. It's intense and affecting.


cm said...

Just like he did many times in his career, he borrowed a song that he heard and loved. The thing is that this is a Nine Inch Nails song and Trent Reznor sang it in a loud screaming angy voice. The way he sang most of his music. So when Cash did this, and slowed it down to a ballad, I loved it too.

writenow said...

I read that it was a Nine Inch Nails song. He certainly made it his own. I wish someone had advised him not to make those silly hand gestures. It's the only thing that clunks in the video. Pretty song. I was thinking last night that Johnny Cash was one of the most respected men who ever lived. He led an amazing life. Hey, happy Father's Day!