June 13, 2012

And if there was any question about it...

The title of this AP article is literally: "Pope's Rep Applauds Bishops' Fight with Government". How much clearer can it get? The popey guy and the bishops are Republicans.
ATLANTA (AP) — The pope's U.S. ambassador praised American bishops Wednesday for confronting the government over religious liberty issues, including resisting the mandate from President Barack Obama's administration that health insurance cover birth control. 
But critics have said that the lawsuits appear politically partisan, especially during a presidential election.
"Most bishops don't want to be the Republican party at prayer, but their alarmist rhetoric and consistent antagonism toward the Obama administration often covey that impression," said John Gehring, of the liberal advocacy group Faith in Public Life. 
The bishops have dismissed the suggestion of any partisan intent.
Well, that takes care of it. Nothing to see here. Move along. 

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