June 10, 2012

Religion and illusions

We often hear that believers rely on god for "strength" when they find themselves in adverse situations. Jesus, according to these followers, helps them through difficult times. I'd like to suggest a natural reason for this.

First, an example from real life. Most bodybuilders know that if you're bench-pressing a lot of weight, and you imagine that someone is grabbing the bar to help you lift it -- it gets easier! It's literally like someone is helping you out. You gain strength!

This is a result of the placebo effect. Humans who believe they're taking a pill that will help their condition, actually do feel better. It's as if they give the fake drug a power that it doesn't really have. People are complete rubes when it comes to the placebo effect. We fall for it all the time.

It's the same with religion. If you believe Jesus is giving you strength, you'll probably feel stronger. But it's all in your mind. It's a human capability, this odd way of obtaining help from nowhere. But it's not real.

God does not exist. And any "help" we receive from "Him" is fake.


Artichoke Annie said...

I wish it was as easy for me to ignore nuclear reactors as it is for me to ignore the existence of god(s).

I guess inside I am itching to write a rant on what Ameren-Westinghouse wants to do in MO with their mini-reactors. And then I think, wait I have better things to do, like sorting my sock drawer.

I will get back to my book soon (as in almost immediately) and maybe one day back to my blog. For now I have found a new amusement writing erotica for a little non-nondescript writer's blog. It's an amusement and fills the time.

I don't miss having a car and I like my new shared WOH Friday schedule. I actually don't go back in until the last Friday in June.

I'm walking - if not the trails than against the River Run current at the pool. Positive results, my bathroom scale is registering a loss. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the stock market ticker tape I was reading.

No illusions here, peel back the skin, I'm the real deal.

Luv you K. (And your rants)

writenow said...

I still visit your blog daily. I figure you won't be able to stand it at some point, and will explode in a series of posts.

Thanks, Annie. It wouldn't be the same without you.