September 15, 2011

The Stone's vapid arguments

Philosopher Daniel Dennett. Woot!
The New York Times has a regular "philosophy" column these days. It's called The Stone, and I haven't seen one lick of sense in any of these columns.

Today's vapid entry, for instance, focuses on this idea:
Atheists, he maintains, need to undertake the positive project of showing how their worldview can take over what he calls the ethical “functions” of theism.
And then it goes on and on about this idiotic notion. Of course we atheists don't have to show how our "worldview" can "take over" the "ethical functions of theism". This is an inane point.

We have no need to "take over" any of the nonsensical realms dominated by religion. We simply know that there is no god. Period.

People are always trying to attach their harebrained notions to what atheism "needs to do". We don't need to do nuthin' -- except laugh at all the idiots who believe in gods.

Hint: whenever a writer poses a question for the "New Atheists", it's a clear sign that nonsense is ahead. Read further at your own risk. And by the way, there are some good philosophy blogs. (For instance, this one and this one.) I read a batch of philosophy blogs every day. The Stone isn't one of them.

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