September 6, 2011

Baseball talk

Jeez, I haven't done one of these posts in a while. Let me make up for it. Here are some fun things I heard the announcers say during a baseball game.

Keith, back in the day.
Keith Hernandez, during a game: "Dizzy Dean was hit in the head in a double-play. They took X-rays and the report was that the X-rays showed nothing!" And all three announcers laugh.

I heard a new use of the term schneid. After Lucas Duda hit his first home run after months of trying, one of the Mets announcers cried, "And Lucas Duda finally gets off the schneid!"

I liked this one: "You might need a suitcase to visit that home run!"

Here's a question. I often hear the announcers say the umpire is "behind the dish". What dish? I see home plate and batter's boxes, all made from right angles. Where is this "dish"?

About a pitcher: "He's been very vulnerable to The Steal this season." It's like a demon!

"He's suffering from a tweaked groin." Indeed. Many men suffer from this malady.

When a batter had to lean back to avoid getting hit in the face by a ball, the announcer said, "That's some chin music!" I love that talk. Sounds like something from Babe Ruth-era baseball.

"He's doin' it with the leather and the lumber!"

Speaking of Ryan Zimmerman's excellence at 3rd base: "His throws are right on the money with something on it."

Of a home run: "That's some heat right there!"

The great Hawk Harrelson.
During a White Sox game, Hawk Harrelson said, "That is a really good-lookin' young hitter!" And Stone Pony replied, "He's hot!"

Here's one that tells me how they talk about the game among themselves: "He's talking about retiring but he's throwing too good to take it to the house."

After Jason Bay hit a ball that bounced off the pitcher's legs into the outfield: "Bay with a bank shot and the game is tied!!"

That's it for today. I love this stuff. These guys make me laugh during every game. (And see? We don't even have to mention that the season is about to . . . end . . Shhhhh!) . . . (Screams heard offstage, followed by a clunking metal noise.)


cm said...

I always thought they were referring to the plate when they say "the dish".

writenow said...

That sounds right. Insane, but right. Egad. And once again, a deep mystery is solved on the InterTubes, right before everybody's eyes!