September 26, 2011

They enjoy putting women down

Amanda Knox
Here's the lead paragraph in an AP story about Amanda Knox, the young woman who has been confined in an Italian prison since 2009, when she was convicted of the murder of her roommate:
Italian lawyers described Amanda Knox, the American student convicted of killing her British roommate, as a "she-devil" and a "witch" in an appeals court Monday while calling her alleged victim a "beautiful girl in the prime of her life."
A "she-devil", eh? I assume that's a far more dangerous creature than a mere devil. And then he brings the dark ages into the courtroom by calling her a witch! What this tells me is that an imbecile is speaking. He then refers to the victim as a "beautiful girl in the prime of her life". Yup, he went for the trifecta: she-devil, witch and sweet young thing. This is the span of "womanhood" in this twisted fellow's mind.

It seems to me this is grounds for a mistrial. (I'm assuming he said this in front of a jury.) Would we allow a prosecutor to call a gay male defendant a "screaming queen"? Of course not because it would prejudice the jury. Well, how is that different from calling the defendant a she-devil and a witch? Mistrial! 

It sickens me that women are subject to abuse from any male who chooses to attack them, no matter how dire their situation. Whether she's guilty or innocent, the prosecutor's words are heinous. He hates women and revealed this clearly in his choice of words. This should never have happened. Don't they have any legal standards in Italy? Oh, I forgot: it's Italy. Never mind.

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Artichoke Annie said...

"Oh, I forgot: it's Italy." You took my comment right off of my fingertips.