September 8, 2011

So let's see now . . .

Gargoyle, National Cathedral.
Toting up god's works, we find he sent an earthquake to Washington's National Cathedral, harming the poor old thing. And then yesterday, god made a heavy crane that was there to effect repairs, topple over onto two buildings. God must really hate this cathedral.

But what do the religious nitwits on the scene have to say about today's toppled crane?
The Rev. Simon Bautista, canon for Latino Ministries for the diocese . . . said it was miraculous that no one had been killed or seriously injured.

“You can see that this was a divine hand that kept something else from happening,” Bautista said.
Indeed, the divine hand has been helping the cathedral all along. It's all so clear now that I've heard the Reverend's words. It's a wonder these people can pick out two matched socks each morning! A miracle indeed. Twits!


Artichoke Annie said...

I for one am looking forward to the day when man will have more faith in himself. Rolling over and playing the role of 'submissive servant of the lord' isn't serving any of us very well.

Off point comment - It seems of late there have been more and more 'religious' ads on television. I wonder what the sounds of outrage would sound like if were to run a few ads on television?

writenow said...

They freak out over the atheist bus ads. Similar TV ads would drive them insane. Sounds like a great idea!