September 1, 2011

The Finger of Thank You

Baseball has traditions. Some are longstanding but others appear in an instant and are magically adopted by all the players. One tradition in the latter group is the Finger of Thank You.

You see it there on the left. A guy in the outfield (where this tradition proudly reigns) catches a ball. The fans cheer. And the player acknowledges the applause with the Finger of Thank you.

Me, I don't like the Finger. And I don't like the other variation, either -- the Gang (or Phone) Finger of Thank You. That's it on the left. I say meh to these Fingers.

Mostly, it's the top version that you see -- the Limp Finger of Thank You. Note how the Finger in the top photo is not fully extended, as if it's some sort of half-gesture. That's the usual way the Finger is used. In effect, it's like a pointing index finger that fainted along the way. "Meh," I say to all the Fingers.

Any other opinions out there?


Artichoke Annie said...

On this subject I humbly disagree with you. I love "fingers" of all sorts. A simple gesture that can convey exactly what you have in mind... it transcend the spoken word a language of its own....hands down (pun intended - despite knowing how you feel about puns)

Out of the five fingers I know of four that have very specific meanings, leaving the ring finger up for grabs. Perhaps because of the difficulty in raising a sole ring finger... at least for genetically impaired 'moi'.

writenow said...

If they did it with heart, I'd approve. It's the lackadaisical nature of the Fingers that gets me. Do it with verve and we'll think you mean it. But extend one limp, half-straightened finger and it looks like you're doing it because someone told you that you had to. I really didn't make this clear in the post, which aimed more for humor than meaning.