September 19, 2011

Gamers solve scientists' puzzle

Science nerds will love this. There's a story out today about how scientists turned a difficult protein-folding problem over to gamers to solve. It had stumped scientists and computers for decades.

The gamers solved the problem in three weeks. You can read about it here. Very cool.


Artichoke Annie said...

And here is some geek poetry for you.

Fat 32

You know what I love about geeks?

You know, ones other than myself?

The way that they make things better.

Like getting rid of punch cards

And Ruby On Rails.

And I love the new things geeks make,

like plastic and velcro.

And who can forget peanut butter and the GUI?

Geeks make the world better.

Except when they do something stupid,

Like putting a 4GB limit on file size.


writenow said...

There's probably poetry for every niche in society. Undoubtedly, come to think of it.