September 9, 2011

Don we now our homey apparel

I feel them: those cool breezes coming down the pike. After a summer of suffocating heat they're finally here and it's exciting. I sense a world of possibilities in those breezes, as if life is ready to roll.

But of course, the change of seasons is significant for all northern bloggers. For in the Autumn, in accordance with longstanding Blogger Traditions, we make The Change.

Yes, throughout the hot summer months we toiled in our pajamas (or even less, if truth be told; okay, a lot less), pounding our keyboards and struggling each day to put out good, interesting prose for our zillions of readers. But now the cool breezes have arrived. And with great excitement, every northern blogger is reaching into his or her closet today to retrieve . . . The Garment.

Rejoice! It is time for the Annual Donning of the Robes! The instant we slip our arms into the inviting, terrycloth sleeves we feel the power! Now we're ready for winter blogging. And so it goes every Autumn, as we return to our keyboards refreshed and renewed by the simple, nubby presence of The Robes. 

All hail The Robes! Oh, the power! 


Artichoke Annie said...

You hit the nail on the head - I have already cozied up in my robe - love it. You know this is odd, but I swear I have used the exact same robe pattern...back in the day when I was a "stitcher" as opposed to a "hooker".

writenow said...

I remember my days as a hooker fondly.