September 22, 2011

What will god say to them?

Evil wingnuts never stop talking about their strong belief in god. As they slash "entitlements" and try to ensure that old people are thrown out of their homes, penniless and uninsured, they simultaneously see themselves as "good, church-going people."

I wonder if these dirtbags ever think about the conversation that will allegedly take place when they meet this god fellow up in heaven -- you know, right outside those pearly gates. I doubt they do.

But if some have indeed thought this through, I would love to know if they believe god will say, "Ah, I see you made sure poor children couldn't get insurance! And you wouldn't let 1/10 of the human population marry! Excellent!"

Seriously, these people are downright evil. They are 90-600 pounds of excrement dressed up as a human being. Is it possible that these mean, ignorant dolts expect the "god of love" to approve of their hateful lives? Or have they never considered what "judgement day" will be like? Maybe they think god just checks to see if you have an AFA membership card, and opens the gates if you do.

Yes, indeed, you ignorant filth. God is definitely going to look at you and say, "You're just the sort we want in Heaven." Seriously, it boggles the mind.

PS: Is that the greatest image of god ever? It was drawn by our artist-in-residence: cousin Carmine. I adore it. (And hey, I hear that's exactly what you're supposed to do. Woot! I'm in synch.)

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