September 12, 2011

Ghost: Here comes the sun

I found these guys by pumping in "Here Comes the Sun" at YouTube, hoping to find a cover version where someone really made the song his or her own. Nina Simone's version is great, of course, but then I saw this.

Sad to say, there's really no video to this "video", just the soundtrack. There are live versions of the song on YouTube but the quality is ghastly. What I like is that Ghost's lead singer always seems to dress like a sick popey guy, a true "Ill Papa" (as Joe Jervis refers to the nasty little creature). Now, I like anyone who makes fun of the popey guy -- but I like the song too. They actually take a happy song and make it sound ominous, which is great fun. (It reminds me of O-Negative's "Mary Had a Little Lamb", which unfortunately is not on YouTube. Drat.)

Like it or hate it, it's nice that a band in Finland makes fun of the popey guy each time they go on stage. Go, Ghost!

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