September 27, 2011

Bloomberg's sudden change of heart

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of Money
The Mayor of Money, Michael Bloomberg, actually did something constructive this week. This article may explain why. I've said it here before: Bloomberg has been a monster toward young people of color.

Here's an excerpt from another article that explains the problem:
Just over 50,000 people were arrested on marijuana possession charges last year, a vast majority of them members of minorities and male. Critics say that as part of the Police Department's stop-and-frisk policy, officers routinely tell suspects to empty their pockets and then, if marijuana is displayed, arrest them for having the drugs in public view, thereby pushing thousands of people toward criminality and into criminal justice system.
Bloomberg duped young people of color so he could arrest them. That's the simple, verifiable truth. He sees New York City as a place for rich people and only rich people. And you know what color rich people are. So he gets his police to yank the people of color off the streets and thinks this makes the city more welcoming for rich, white people. It's that stark.

The "good news" is that he's finally directed the police commissioner to have officers, you know, follow the law. They can no longer trick young people of color into showing the (decriminalized small amount of) marijuana, and then arrest them for following an order. This has been going on for years. I hope a class action brings tons of money to the young people whose lives were derailed by this white man's "justice".


cm said...

Every time you turn around Bloomberg is raising the price of something or adding a fee to something. An expired meter ticket has about $75 in fees besides the fine. Drivers license and vehicle registration renewal both have tons of fees tacked on. Now meters are going up like crazy again. But at least I can now go sit on a loungechair in the middle of Times Square when I feel the need. Thanks Mike.

writenow said...

And now he can shoot down planes. He must be a happy man.