January 29, 2011

People are such twits about prostitution

People have sex. Get over it. And as for money for sex, what do you think marriage is?

Today's AP article on the four women killed by a serial killer near Jones Beach in NY, is really irritating. Here's their lead paragraph:
The four women were prostitutes in their 20s, advertising their services online, living on the margins of society and not likely to be immediately missed. They appeared to share similar middle-class childhoods, but it is the way they lived their adult lives that has authorities chasing a serial killer. [My emphasis.]
No, AP, it is not "the way they lived their adult lives" that is causing police to chase a serial killer. That's happening because there is a serial killer out there. He did the killing. Don't try and foist blame for their murder on the victims. What a bunch of anti-women prigs AP must be to say such a thing. Ugh. AP, you are disgusting.


Artichoke Annie said...

Good one Keith. What I like about you is you call a spade a spade!

Hellooooo world, are you listening??

writenow said...

This is why the Vatican fears me so.