January 18, 2011

Not like us?

Dog waits by grave.
People say animals are not like us. Here's a photo of a dog in Brazil who has been waiting by his owner's grave for two solid days, ever since the woman was killed by a mudslide.

How can people say animals are "lesser" creatures? They're different, true. But their lives are as valuable as ours and as meaningful. Just because they can't play the piano doesn't mean their lives are worth less than ours. Love, felt by people or animals, is the exact same emotion.


Artichoke Annie said...

One of the precepts of Buddhism that I find so appealing is the value of anything living.

writenow said...

Life is life. The only thing that changes is the directions, the DNA. We don't hold a homely person's looks against him because he didn't choose them. Nor did an insect choose its DNA, or a dog. And neither did we. It's just life, doing its thing with various directions.