January 28, 2011

Slipping into your own creation

I assume anyone who visits this blog is a book lover. So you know the joy of recalling a character or scene from a favorite book. That fictional world is like an old friend. Asimov's stories were some of the most powerful for me. They continue to live in my mind, as alluring and intriguing as the day I first read them. His worlds, his ideas and especially his robots are a part of me.

When you write a book, your knowledge of the fictional world you create is far greater than any reader could hope to obtain. You know the fictional world outside the tight confines of your scenes because you made this world. And if you did it right, for the rest of your life it will be a pleasure to revisit that world in your mind. It's like nothing else you've ever experienced: your world.

I love the worlds I've created and I suspect any writer who can't say this has not written much of a book. I'm always drifting off into my worlds, and I can't express how much this means to me. It adds texture to my life. 

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