January 16, 2011

I can't believe the Jets won!

This is a photo of our outsized Jets manager here in New York -- Rex Ryan, he of the big everything, especially mouth. But we love the guy. (And will do so until he fails; that's the agreement.) 

But the thing is, the Jets just beat the Patriots! This is totally impossible yet it happened. I saw it, so I know.

There were some weird moments afterward, at least for me. I found myself aghast (and laughing) to see Rex take the field after the win and roughly push aside anyone who was in his way. But I mean he shoved them the hell out of his way.  It was an amazing display of aggression and privilege. How dare anyone be in his path?! Didn't they know who he was?!

One poor photographer was standing still, shooting video with a big camera on his shoulder. His back was to Rex so he had no idea what was about to run him down. With no one else anywhere around, Rex picked a path that went right through the photographer. He could easily have gone around him, yet he slammed into the guy's back with an outstretched hand that never stopped moving. It was like a bulldozer hit the guy.

Whoa, Rex. If you're taking steroids, big guy, stop now. Oh yeah, and congratulations, Rex! We love ya, guy!


Artichoke Annie said...

And he did ALL that without packing a gun?!

writenow said...

Funny. And nah, he probably had a gun under there. Just as a precaution, you know. These guys are too much. They live in their own world. Still, I was very happy for the win. Go, Jets!