November 17, 2013

What did they expect?

The Methodist church is piling bricks on the head of a Methodist minister who officiated at the marriage of his gay son. Mind you, the church initially ignored the situation and the marriage probably would have fallen down the memory hole but for an evil parishioner who, long after the fact, filed a complaint against him. And now a full three-day "trial" will be held to decide if the Rev. Frank Schaefer should be defrocked for being kind and open and caring.

Today we are seeing the death throes of opposition to gay marriage. Although the die is cast, we will continue to see skirmishes, recurrent ugliness, and wingnuts screaming for their lives. But the game is over; gay marriage won.

The article includes this little tidbit (that I hadn't heard before):
Schaefer could have avoided a trial if he had agreed to never again perform a same-gender wedding, but he declined because three of his four children are gay
Duh. And you're going to defrock him for being kind and caring to his children. I guess Methodists, like Catholics, are mostly immoral, hateful creatures. But hey, you never know what religious people will do. Maybe they'll skip the defrocking and declare him a saint. Let's hope so.

In any case, good for you, Rev. Schaefer. At least you know that you did the right thing. It's just that your, you know, church is immoral.


Artichoke Annie said...

It is amazing that so many christens butt their noses into business that doesn't concern them. I remember as a kid the christen people of my small village were the do-gooders. Today, they are becoming poke-their-noses-into-other-peoples-business christens.

writenow said...

The "trial" begins today. They should be asking the kind Pastor for advice, since he's got three gay kids. But no. Their impulse is to "try" him. Lord spare us from authoritarian wingnuts. Thanks for the comment.