November 11, 2013

Pope sends message to US bishops


Pope Francis seems to have noticed the hairy, protruding foreheads of US bishops.
The Vatican ambassador to the United States says American bishops should make Roman Catholics feel more at home in the church. 

Archbishop Carlo Vigano (VIH-gah-no) says Pope Francis wants bishops to act more fatherly and not follow any particular ideology. 
(Bolding is mine.) So, sounds good, right? Like maybe the bishops could stop attacking gay people, for starters. But then the linked article reports Archbishop Timmy Dolan's comment, which seems to come from outer space and can be summarized as "Look, over there! A shiny thing!!!"
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan is ending his term as president of the bishops' conference. He urged church leaders to make religious freedom abroad their defining issue. He said religious freedom challenges in the U.S. pale in comparison to what Christians face overseas. 
Timmy doesn't like what the pope is saying. He doesn't like it at all. This should be fun to watch.

UPDATE: I based this post on an AP story, which means the tale was fleshed out by their reporters throughout the day. What was three short paragraphs when I first linked to it is now a full-scale article that includes this tidbit:
In a September interview, Francis said Catholic leaders should give greater emphasis to compassion, arguing the church's focus on abortion, marriage and contraception has been too narrow and alienating. For the last several years, the public sessions of the fall bishops' assembly have centered on those issues. This year's meeting gave the first glimpse of how that message was resonating among American leaders.
Yes, the bishops group has occupied itself with hatred these past few years -- not coincidentally while it was under the leadership of dear, sweet Archbishop Timmy Dolan, the voice of American Catholic hatred for gays.

The article closes on this blissful note:
Dolan is at the end of this three-year term as conference president. His successor will be elected Tuesday, the final day of the public part of the meeting.
Let's hope this means the wicked witch is dead, at least for a time. 

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