November 15, 2013

The nonsense faced by transgender kids

This is ridiculous:
A South Texas transgender student says his school district is preventing a photo of him in a tuxedo from appearing in his high school's yearbook. 
Who cares what people wear?! This reminds me of the silliness hippies faced over long hair. What possible difference could it make how a person wears his hair? But those who buttress society's walls didn't like it. You couldn't get a job with long hair, and schools incessantly made long-haired kids get a haircut.

What a waste of time. Today, policemen have long hair and earrings and tattoos. So how valuable was that fight over long hair in the 60s? It was so meaningless that it's all but forgotten now.

This is the same story, different flavor. People get all excited when trans kids dress as the "opposite" sex. But that is their sex. Furthermore, people should be able to look however they want (and yes, that includes face veils). Luckily, the article states that the Southern Poverty Law Center is on the case. This kid's going to get to wear his tuxedo in his high school photo. At least, I hope so.

And soon the whole thing will fall down the memory hole. And in ten years, policemen will be able to dress as any sex they want -- changing gender on a daily basis, if that's their wish. End of story.

UPDATE: Issue resolved in favor of the good guys.

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