November 29, 2013

Have no fear

I want to reassure my readers. Why? Because I keep getting emails like the following:
"You're not blogging with that there Lid on, are you? Cause if you are, we are a'scared of you! Cause you know everything now. And that makes you...well, it makes you like a god!"
Tut, tut, my dear readers. I am further from god than you can imagine. And I never wear the Lid when I'm blogging. I made a solemn promise to my readers that I wouldn't do that -- and I always keep my promises.

So calm down. When I blog, I wear my typical-American-male top hat, the one you see in the photo above. If it helps, try to imagine me in this friendly top hat, writing a leisurely blog post. There now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Just keep that image in mind as you read my posts and you'll be fine.

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