November 11, 2013

Maybe I was wrong. Horrors!

On tonight's broadcast news, they flashed a question or two from the Vatican survey I mentioned earlier. I was surprised because the questions weren't the sort the church would pose to rank-and-file believers. They were questions for priests.

The samples asked, for instance, what sorts of situations they saw that involved divorced parishioners. What were their needs, etc. It was all of that stripe. Clearly the questions weren't meant for the pews.

I'm not sure yet whether I read too quickly and jumped the gun, or the initial media reports missed the mark. I was under the impression that the Vatican wanted to know what Catholics thought of the church's focus on flash-point issues such as gay marriage, married priests, communion for divorced parishioners, etc.). This impression seems to be incorrect.

Which would mean...that fat old Timmy Dolan got it right and I got it wrong. See? Wonders still happen. Praise Dog!

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