November 19, 2013

The continuing adventures of multi-racial white supremacist, Craig Cobb

Y'all remember Craig Cobb, right? He's the white supremacist who found out his DNA is 14% sub-Saharan African -- on live TV, no less. The reason Cobb was deemed newsworthy (even before the test) is that he wants to turn a small North Dakota town into an "Aryan enclave". Well, he's in the news again.
Sixty-two-year-old Craig Cobb and 29-year-old Kynan Dutton are accused of terrorizing people in Leith (leeth) with guns over the weekend. They said they were patrolling the town because of violence and harassment directed at them. 

They have been ordered held without bond on seven felony terrorizing counts. They each could face a minimum of 10 years in prison and a maximum of 35 years if convicted.
If he goes to prison, I wonder if the Aryan Brotherhood will shun him (and possibly harm him) because of his African roots. Talk about schadenfreude! Hoo boy. Fun.

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