November 21, 2013

The Craig Cobb Show

Like George Zimmerman, Craig Cobb just won't go away. You remember Cobb -- he's the white supremacist who learned that his DNA is 14% African. We all wondered how his racist buddies would react. Well, it's payback time:
According to local prosecutors, after other white supremacists in Leith learned that Cobb possessed “sub-Sarahan African” DNA, one of them — currently not identified by name by the police — spray-painted “BACK IN BLACK” on Cobb’s house.
It was this graffiti that led Cobb and a follower to “patrol” the streets of Leith over the weekend. The pair were arrested and charged with three counts of terrorizing.
This is what makes reading the news fun. The lives of wingnuts are like reality shows but they don't get paid for it -- which is where the real fun comes in. Just think of poor George Zimmerman driving around aimlessly, looking for someone new to point his gun at. Life is berry berry bad for these folks. And I repeat, they're not getting paid.

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