November 17, 2013

Bill and Hill

The ever-interesting Frank Bruni has a column about the Clintons in today's NY Times. My own feeling is "Dog, please save us from the Clintons". But that's me.

Here's a bit from the column. If you're a Hillary fan, or not, you might enjoy reading it.
“You can’t over-interpret it,” the strategist cautioned, saying that even a couple as conniving as the Clintons can’t and don’t “sit there at the chessboard every day.” 
And this:
A friend of mine who went to a public event of hers last week was blown away by how not blown away he was. Amid all of the Hillary hullabaloo, he’d forgotten that she’s no dynamo on the stump. Many Democrats overlook this, but not the ones whispering sweet encouragements in Elizabeth Warren’s ear. 
No dynamo: that's Hillary in a nutshell. I don't want this incredibly dull woman -- whose only accomplishment is a law against flag-burning -- to be president.

(On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren may be marvelous but she's got Harry Reid's voice problem. When she talks, the tone of her voice is so boring, it's difficult to listen to her words. Sigh.)

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