November 19, 2013

Today's Bruni column

Frank Bruni muses about Liz Cheney heaving family out the window so she can win an election. Go read it.

You know how Liz just said she's against gay marriage, right? She said this despite having a gay sister who's married to a woman and has two kids who used to think Aunt Lizzie loved them.

Here's a sample from the column:
Is any political office worth that? Would victory redeem the public message that Liz just sent to her niece and nephew? I’m imagining her awkwardness the next time that she goes to hug or kiss them (and I’m assuming that she’s a hugger or kisser, which may be a leap). If there’s not a knot in her stomach, then there’s nothing at all in her heart. 
I vote for "nothing at all in her heart". Liz seems to take after daddy. She's empty inside.

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