November 29, 2013

Ah, the schadenfreude!

Y'all remember Craig Cobb, the white supremacist who found out on live TV that his DNA is 14% "sub-Saharan African", right? And then there was the news about him parading around his neighborhood with guns after his house was tagged (probably by his racist pals) with the message: "BACK IN BLACK". That was great fun.

But I didn't know that he has an odd way of speaking. I happened upon a news article about him today. First of all, it comes with a great headline: "'Part-black' white supremacist alleged target of racist graffiti". I love that and hope it sticks with him for the rest of his life: part-black white supremacist Craig Cobb. I mean, really. The irony screams.

Anyway, he was asked about the, you know, running-around-with-guns thing and this is what he said:
Cobb reportedly texted the local Bismark Tribune that he pulled off the stunt ”because of the many violences [sic] and harassments against we and the children.”
I love all of that. But "against we and the children" is my favorite part. He must picture himself as a valiant character in a faded, old book. The bible, maybe. Seriously, how does someone become this deluded?

Carry on, Craig. I look forward to your next adventure. You and your pals -- you know, guys like George Zimmerman -- just can't live in normal society. You'll burst back into the headlines any day now. Can't wait!

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