November 12, 2013

Two wingnuts chosen to lead Catholic bishops group

So the evil US Conference of Catholic Bishops has a new leader. (I heard Timmy Dolan melted into a puddle at the news, and was wiped up with a ton of Bounty paper towels. Then they tossed him in the garbage. Good riddance.)
BALTIMORE — The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops on Tuesday elected Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville, Ky., a prelate who has earned a reputation as a consensus-seeker, president of their conference on the first ballot. 
This is not good news -- but it could have been worse. They also said this:
In a closely watched decision, the bishops elected Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston as vice president from a slate of 10 candidates. In the runoff vote, they passed over Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia, a razor-sharp writer who often weighs in on politics from a markedly conservative point of view
"Markedly conservative view" is putting it mildly. Chaput is one of the most anti-gay priests in the United States. He is truly evil, a creature with a dried, blackened lump for a heart. The reason this is important is that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops almost always elects the vice-president to replace the president, when his term is over. So Chaput could have been next in line. But it's not time to say "Phew!" The actual appointees are clearly damaged goods. I don't think gays or Pope Francis will be very happy with these choices. Here's a peek at DiNardo's anti-abortion activities:
Catholic Cardinal Daniel DiNardo joined a chorus of abortion opponents asking Gov. Rick Perry to call a second special session after a filibuster Tuesday night killed Senate Bill 5.
“I talked to our Texas Catholic Conference about a week ago and I was under the impression the votes were there,” DiNardo told the Houston Chronicle. “I was very disappointed when I woke up.”
That's because Wendy Davis' 11-hour filibuster smacked DiNardo in the chin. And he's all-in with the crazy Catholics who think that ObamaCare violates their precious ethics by forcing them to buy a condom for employees now and then. He sounds like a crazy person. Here's a quote:
“Never before in our US History has the Federal Government forced citizens to directly purchase what violates our beliefs. At issue here as our President of the Conference stated it this past Friday, is the survival of a cornerstone constitutionally protected freedom that ensures respect for conscience and religious liberty.”
Reuters described the election of Kurtz and DiNardo thusly: "U.S. Catholic bishops elected two centrist conservatives as new leaders on Tuesday". I guess that says it all. You already know that "conservative" means terrible things. But "centrist" isn't a good term either. It just means you're a nitwit who can't tell right from wrong, so you chew your cud in the middle and do nothing. Both these guys are Bozo's. Let's move on to the president. Here's a quote from Kurtz:
In remarks to reporters, Kurtz discussed the bishops' support of the "sanctity" of traditional marriage, the protection of the unborn and the importance of helping the poor and immigrants. He also connected moving people out of poverty with the strength of the family.
Sigh. Another Catholic wingnut. So much for hope. The Dark Age of Catholicism in America is set to continue and continue and...

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