September 21, 2012

Baseball thing

I wonder if the Red Sox will purposely fall to the Orioles this weekend. The Orioles are neck-and-neck with the Yankees right now. If I was a Sox player, let's just say I wouldn't play real hard this weekend. Then again, they play so badly it probably won't make a difference either way. I hope the Orioles sweep them. Boo, Yankees! How I detest that team.

Meanwhile, my Nats "clinched a playoff berth", as they say. They're in. It's just a baby step on the road to the division championship, but they've done it. The NLDS is the win that matters to me. Baseball's over before the WS starts. That's all I have to say. Over and out. (Which I'm told is repetitious. Really, you just say "Out". There is no "over". Who knew? See what movies do to your brain?)

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