September 29, 2012

Revealing religion headline at HuffPo

We learned this week that a statue stolen by the Nazis was carved from a meteorite. The Yahoo headline about this states, in sensible fashion:

Buddhist Statue Found by Nazis Made from Meteorite

(Never mind that the Nazis weren't, in fact, made from meteorites. That's another post.)

But the headline at HuffPo's Religion section says, as you see in the above screenshot:

Buddhist Statue Came from Outer Space, Scientists Say

A bit different, eh? And no, the scientists don't actually think the statue zoomed in from space. But HuffPo, in its religious guise, can't help but create a headline that appeals to ignorant religious folk. I swear, religious people make me sigh with exasperation. What a witless lot they are.

Note: I used the screenshot from HuffPo's main Religion page because if you click on the headline, the story page shows a new headline that sounds quite sane. They just used the original, misleading headline as a hook to draw in the most credulous of their readers. Jeez but HuffPo is slimy. Ugh.

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