September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

This is the first anniversary of 9/11 that seems bearable. The pain has lessened over the years. I'm a New Yorker and I see this not only in myself but in others. It's finally something in the past; there is a protective buffer of time between us and that awful day.

But the event is still huge and horrific. Al Stefanelli at A Voice of Reason listed the names of everyone who was killed on that sunny Tuesday morning. It's amazing just to scroll through the list. There are so many names. Though we may feel less pain this year than last, it remains the greatest tragedy of our era.


cm said...

The numbers are shocking. I just heard a news clip of an 11 year old girl reading a letter to the father she never really knew. She was just 9 months old when it happened. That's what gets to me.

Artichoke Annie said...

I wish we could rally to all the the many horrors and injustices that occur each and every day... that's what gets to me as well.

[Obviously I am only comfortable expressing this thought in the company of friends.]

writenow said...

Well, it's totally private here. You can say anything you want.