September 22, 2012

I welcome corrections from readers

One of the great things about publishing in digital format is that you can change the book all you want. This is a real boon to writers.

Can you imagine if you published a book in print format and they printed 350,000 books -- and then you noticed that your plot has a fatal flaw? That would be a nightmare. But if the book is published in digital format, you can easily fix the problem. You just upload a new version of the book. Sweet.

I encourage all readers of Xmas Carol to let me know if they see something wrong: a typo, a date flaw, whatever. I'll fix the problem and you, the reader who reported it, will be able to download a new version of the book that has a fix for the problem you pointed out. I think that's rather nice.

So don't hesitate to tell me about flaws in the book. I won't be upset. In fact, I'd appreciate it very much. Now, go read the book.

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