September 13, 2012

I love this monkey

You've probably seen the photo of the new species of monkey found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Larger image at the link.) It seems odd that a new animal would be discovered in 2012. You'd think we'd have them all toted up and categorized by now.

Isn't he gorgeous? The eyes make him look almost human. Have you ever seen such an intelligent look on a non-human face? I could easily imagine landing on another world and seeing this creature walk up to me. And then he'd talk.


Artichoke Annie said...

And when he spoke he would say how much he loved your book, Xmas Carol. ; )

Artichoke Annie said...

P.S. My neighbor caught me this afternoon waiting for Enterprise Car Rental to pick me up, I was reading my Kindle. He asked, "Oh, what are you reading?" With a smile I replied, "Xmas Carol, the book my friend wrote."

I'm just so proud of you!!!!!!

writenow said...

Great monkeys and nice friends. I'm a lucky guy. Thanks, Annie.