September 26, 2012

Funny nonsense

I liked this headline today: "Councilman Vacca Urges Probe of Gassy Donald Trump Golf Course in Bronx". Okay, so I changed it a little.

Misplaced modifiers continue to irk me. Here's the lede to a story:
"Cops shot and killed a knife-wielding Baruch College student inside a Manhattan apartment building Tuesday night after he attacked two officers in his underwear, police said." 
What I want to know is: what were those police officers doing in his underwear?

(Levity aside, you'll find a sad story at the above link. It's another instance of someone calling the police for help with a mentally unstable family member, only to see the police shoot the family member dead. This type of thing is happening all too often in the NY area. It needs to stop.)

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