September 22, 2012

Let's install a ramp

There was a story this week about a man in China who killed three children with an ax and wounded 13 other kids. An update says he was contemplating suicide before the attack.

And then we have the guy who just tried to kill himself by jumping off a monorail into the tiger's den at the Bronx Zoo.

The second guy had the right idea: kill yourself, not others. Why don't we put up a ramp that leads directly into the tiger's den (or trash compacter, etc.) with a sign over it that says "Suicides Welcome"?

You want to kill yourself? Fine. Just don't take other people along for the ride. You don't have that right. This is a coward's way to commit suicide. These fools literally get their nerve up by killing innocent people. It's about the lowest thing a human being can do. I say cheers for the tiger guy -- and I hope he gets the help he needs to get better. I know this sounds harsh, but killing children is not a simple, innocent activity.

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