September 23, 2012

Amusing politics, starring Todd Akin

Remember Todd "I say stupid things about rape" Akin, the man who obliterated his campaign by revealing his sickening beliefs about women's bodies? So is Akin butting out of the race, as most Republicans want him to? Of course not. He's doubling-down because that's what they do.
Instead, Akin plans to ramp up his campaign. He's holding a fundraiser Monday with former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. He's addressing a potentially influential group of pastors Tuesday morning. Then as the drop-out clock ticks down, he's kicking off a statewide bus tour for his Senate bid that will include venerable conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly.
I roared laughing when I read that. Had to share it.


Artichoke Annie said...

Can you believe that idiots that are in this state I live in?

Thanks for the reminder, like I needed it. rofl

writenow said...

A Schlafly-Gingrich-Akin tour. Amazing!