July 2, 2012

What is this?

Mystery animal.
I've been feeding this guy for a couple of years and I still have no idea what he is. Some furry thing -- that's as close as I've come to identifying him. Kinda shy; likes peanuts (but who doesn't?).

He had a baby last year, though I've never seen a female (or male, if this is a female). Usually, he forages alone, though the little one is with him at times. So, naturalists out there: what is this?

By the way, Milo the flock leader took all the geese away when it got really hot. They've been gone for weeks. But one of the geese -- a female, I think -- has a bum leg and she stayed behind. I suspect a coyote bit the leg, or perhaps a fox. In any case, the poor thing can hardly walk and she is the only adult goose remaining. Her little ones stayed behind with her. There are about six of them, rapidly approaching full size now. The poor thing can only hobble. I wish I could get a doc to fix her but I don't think she'd stand still as we approached. This one isn't a personal friend of mine, like Milo. Should I call someone anyway? It's sad to watch her try to fulfill her motherly duties after she was dealt such a terrible hand.

I'll bet Milo took the brood north, seeking cool air. Geese hate it when it's super hot. Poor guy. He had to migrate in reverse this year.


writenow said...

Annie, I think you told me what this was last year but when I looked that creature up (I forget what it was) it didn't seem quite right. The tail didn't match up, for one thing. This photo is much clearer so I'm hoping for a more certain identification. Anyone?

cm said...


writenow said...

It's kind of like a cross between a beaver and an otter. Very cute. I don't think it's a groundhog, but what do I know?