July 9, 2012

OMD. Could it be?

Maven Miracle.
I'm doing the final (I promise) edit of Xmas Carol, my horror novel. In the process of many edits, I've read the book at least 40 times, probably 50. Now, here's the thing -- after so many times through the manuscript, I can't help but notice something. Brace yourself, guys. This is really strange.

There is a point in the novel when, as I read it, I smell Xmas trees! It always happens in this one scene. I swear, every single time I read this scene, the scent of pine trees overwhelms me. It's the smell of Xmas!

Now, I don't want to jump the gun here or anything, but do you think this could be a miracle? I'm gettin' goosebumps; you? Seriously, do you think dog, in his mighty canine wisdom, scented this scene so that each and every reader will experience the Xmas tree miracle (as I've taken to calling it) when they read it?

I've consulted Maven Miracle, the secular expert on miracles, and she had a terrific suggestion. I won't say which scene causes this miracle to take place. This way if a reader claims to smell pine trees while reading another scene, I'll know to discount this report. But if people all smell Xmas trees while reading this particular scene, we'll know that we have a verified miracle on our hands! Take that, Holy See!

I'm all a-twitter over this. To think that my horror novel, Xmas Carol, may have a miracle within it! Dog!

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