July 14, 2012

Oy, the people

Thar she blows! Impressive, huh?
I've been hesitating to write about the Christian fools flocking to a tree in New Jersey. They think a mark on the tree is a visitation from the Blessed Virgin Mary. Indeed. That's it on the left. I'm sure you agree that it looks like some seriously miraculous stuff.

Okay, people do this all the time, right? I shouldn't be so repulsed; I should be used to it by now. But there's been so much coverage of this "sighting" on the local news. And every time I watched one of the news clips, I was newly sickened by the words of the "faithful".

People were interviewed about their "experiences" at the tree. They said things like, "I could feel it all over my body, a miraculous tingling!" And "I saw her aura! This is truly from god!" And "She came to me! It is the mother of god! I know this in my heart!" The people talk of seeing colors and lights and feeling goosebumps -- and some literally faint at the foot of the tree. Clearly, this absolutely normal-looking mark on a tree is actually the mother o'Jeebus. There can be no doubt. Hallelujah!

The gullibility of these people makes me ill. It's no wonder they believe in god. They'd believe in intelligent dust clouds if you told them such things existed. They are rubes, suckers, dimwits, stooges. How can you hope to reach a person like that with, you know, knowledge? You can't. It's hopeless. And people like this comprise most of the US population.

That's why I didn't write about it immediately: the nausea overwhelmed me.

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